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Why doing 100 reps of an train in a row is unhealthy

Repetition could be the mom to grasp, however in terms of extreme repetition in health, the negatives could outnumber the positives.

As a health skilled, I can respect the psychological power and optimistic behavioral change a person could achieve from performing 100 or extra reps in a row. And doing 100 crunches each morning would possibly provide you with a satisfying sense of accomplishment, plus bragging rights at events. Nonetheless, in the long run, extra isn’t essentially higher, for 2 fundamental causes:

1. You sacrifice kind. With any train, kind is crucial to reaching leads to a secure and useful method – and normally, individuals who focus solely on hitting 100 do not use correct kind. This causes a shift from the goal muscle to the opposite muscle, which might result in damage. Doing the train 100 occasions in a row can also be related to the concept to construct essentially the most quantity of lean muscle, one ought to practice to finish exhaustion or failure. Some would possibly then assume that such a coaching builds muscle sooner whereas decreasing fats, however that will not occur in the event you’re not doing the train correctly. Whereas I admit I’ve skilled to failure earlier than, I centered on approach and solely did 8 to 12 reps.

2. You might be creating an imbalance within the physique. Doing 100 crunches may also help strengthen the entrance (entrance) of your physique. Nonetheless, to get a well-balanced and toned body, you need to spend extra time including actions that work each side of the physique. Within the case of crunches, the mischief you are doing to your physique by overlooking your posterior chain can wreak havoc in your decrease again once you’re sitting at your desk.

I like to have a look at your physique like a checking account. Making good deposits in your physique with correct approach, protocols, and relaxation pays a wholesome dividend. Weak deposits or investments will result in an unhealthy future. Whenever you practice with 100 repetitions, you place lots of stress in your joints, which results in ache, irritation, and damage.